Making a difference in college education enrollment

Michigan State University's 4-H Youth Development program helps prepare youth for college.

4-H youth in 4-H gear

Studies show individuals with college degrees earn more over the course of a lifetime and enjoy lower unemployment rates than those without a postsecondary degree. With more college graduates, Michigan would benefit greatly through higher taxable earnings, more disposable income and lower rates of unemployment – just some of the benefits of a more skilled and educated workforce.

Michigan State University Extension’s 4-H Youth Development program helps to prepare the next generation of college graduates. Through its wide range of programs, Michigan 4-H promotes personal growth, career exploration and goal-setting. In addition, the program prepares youth for postsecondary education by helping build important life skills, increasing college aspirations and improving college readiness. As a result:

  • 61% of Michigan 4-H youth have enrolled in college education since 2009, a number significantly higher than the average Michigan student rate of 53.7%.
  • 4-H alumni are more likely to go to college than their same-age peers in 77% of Michigan counties.
  • 45% of Michigan 4-H’ers who earned a bachelor’s degree did so in the highly sought after fields of science, technology, engineering and math. This is a rate 11% higher than the Michigan average.

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