Michigan Vaccine Project outcomes, January 1, 2023 - June 30, 2023

Learn about what MSU Extension is doing for vaccine education outreach in Michigan.

A photo of Michigan Vaccine Project program instructor Corinne Lopez tabling at the Van Buren County Youth Fair Day.
Corinne Lopez, Michigan Vaccine Project Program Instructor, at the Van Buren County Youth Fair Day

The Michigan Vaccine Project or MVP is entering its last year of funding from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Quarterly data reporting and bi-annual narrative reporting were submitted at the beginning of July 2023. The outcomes speak to the success of MVP’s efforts to provide statewide vaccine awareness and education to Michigan residents, particularly those in rural areas and youth. MVP continues to collaborate with Extension staff and over 34 partners to accomplish this important public health outreach.

Youth Outcomes

MVP provides awareness and education to rural youth using two overarching strategies. MVP educators and program instructors develop and provide programming and participate in community events focusing on a youth audience. Secondly, a team of MVP 4-H Community Health Ambassadors have been trained and develop materials and communications by youth for youth. Highlights from the mid-year report include:

  • Using “What is A Pathogen,” MVP reached over 460 participants teaching about zoonotic disease pathogens and how they relate to viruses and vaccinations, including COVID-19. This program was delivered at the Lansing Potter Park Zoo, Eaton Regional Education Service Agency, animal science classes and after-school programs. This program was also delivered to youth ambassadors at the 4-H Community Health Ambassador Workshop, a Baby-Sitting Workshop in Crawford County, and a Branch County Summer Camp. 
  • MiCareerQuest in Lansing was attended by over 2,000 youth, and MVP shared educational information about health careers and vaccination information. Youth Ambassadors created a PSA for youth participants to record during the event.
  • The Germ-O-Scope was developed to teach youth how the natural immune system and vaccines work together to rid the body of germs and help protect us from infections. The Germ-O-Scope is currently being showcased at community events.
  • MVP and the Youth Ambassador team continue to partner with Detroit Public Television/Michigan Learning Channel, creating 11 public broadcast messages with 17,485 impressions/views.
  • MVP staff and Youth Ambassadors presented, “Youth Leveraging Their Voice to Influence Rural Audiences Regarding Vaccine Education” at the University of Michigan’s 2023 Conference on Adolescent Health, reaching over 200 youth participants.
  • At 4-H county fairs, MVP provided hand-washing stations, experience with the Germ-O-Scope, and disseminated 1,762 pieces of vaccine information to rural youth.
  • MVP staff and Youth Ambassadors participated in three MVP sessions at Exploration Days, teaching A Virus Among Us, Pathways to Protection: The World of Public Health and a Polio Relay Race.

Adult Outcomes

MVP also provides awareness and education to rural adults. MVP staff provide programming, participate in community events, discuss vaccine information at length with individual community members, and disseminate evidence-based information on the COVID-19 vaccines/boosters and general vaccine information.

  • MVP Health and Nutrition Institute staff reached 83 rural adults at community presentations in local organizations and participated in 27 indirect activities by disseminating vaccine information at community events.
  • MVP Health and Nutrition Institute staff traveled to Beaver Island to present vaccine education to its rural residents. Staff and residents shared their experiences in this video, with future social media projects and articles to follow in the near future.
  • Community partners primarily include rural audiences from senior centers, Veteran groups, libraries, neighborhood food pantries, and food distribution centers.
  • Monthly MVP webinars reach rural adult audiences and may focus on specific immunization topics or general vaccine awareness and education. These webinars are moderated Q&A sessions with healthcare experts and recorded for later viewing. May’s webinar focused on vaccines while pregnant and breastfeeding, and June’s webinar focused on routine vaccinations for summer safety. The July 17 webinar addressed common vaccine concerns, questions, and myths.

Media Campaign

In addition to webinars primarily targeting adults, MVP has statewide and social media reach through podcasts, Extension articles, newspapers, radio and social media channels (TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Spotify, and Twitter).

If you would like to learn more, explore Michigan State University Extension’s partnership with the Michigan Vaccine Project to find links to event schedules, podcasts, publications, webinars, and videos relating to vaccine education at https://www.canr.msu.edu/vaccineeducation/.

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