MSU Extension course takes a different approach to combat invasive species

Learn how to affect decision around invasive species management on public lands by enrolling in “Empower U!”

“Empower U! Advocating for Invasive Species Management” is a course that will guide you through the process of creating and delivering a message to the people in your community who have the power to address an invasive species related issue. The course was developed by the University of Minnesota, and shared with Michigan State University Extension in an effort to empower local people to combat invasive species issues at a grass roots level.

Rather than focus on identification of invasive species, the course guides you through the process of addressing invasive species on public land through policy or leadership action. You’ll learn how to present logical arguments regarding the presence of invasive species while offering possible solutions to eliminate the issue. Effectively, you become part of the solution! Upon completion of the course, you will have created a strategic plan to engage your local decision maker on an issue that matters to you.

The course is delivered over a four week period. The first four weeks are self-paced online, with eight learning sessions that each take about a half hour to complete. As you complete each session, you will add to your engagement plan, applying the knowledge that was presented. The course wraps up with an in-person workshop at the end of the fourth week, where you will take a deeper look at some of the concepts presented online, and have a chance to practice delivering your engagement plan.

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Join us for the next session beginning April 8, 2019. Cost is $30 and includes access to the online modules, handouts, and lunch during the in-person workshop, scheduled for 10am- 4pm on May 4, 2019 at Kirtland Community College in Grayling. Attendance at the in-person workshop is mandatory to complete the course.

For questions about the course, please contact Julie Crick, Michigan State University Extension Natural Resources Educator located in Roscommon, MI. or 989-275-7179.

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