Providing vital continuing education to local elected officials on land use issues

Michigan State University Extension developed a comprehensive training for local elected officials through continuing education opportunities.

A man drafting for city planning.

The Michigan Land Division Act, one of the most complex laws on the books, is also one of the most important as it is a fundamental part of community development. The statute establishes how local governments can review and approve the splitting and use of land, but few organizations offer training on the topic.

Michigan State University Extension developed a comprehensive training on the statute for local elected officials while also creating an opportunity for their professional development through continuing education opportunities. By educating officials at the state and county levels, MSU Extension is training a group who will have a profound impact on the lives of millions of Michigan residents. Through its online and in-person training, MSU Extension enhanced the knowledge of participants, reduced legal risk to communities and increased quality treatment of residents, which in turn helps Michigan communities increase the effectiveness of community development initiatives.

  • 77% of participants reported increasing knowledge of legal responsibilities and limitations in their roles.
  • 77% reported increased skill in making better development review decisions.
  • 71% reported increased knowledge in where to find valuable information related to zoning, land division and subdivision issues.
  • 68% reported increased confidence in suggesting improved standards or review procedures for their local governments.

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