Registration now open for Governing Essentials webinar series

The Governing Essentials Series is designed for local elected and appointed officials looking to sharpen their skills and promote good governance practices.

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As civic engagement continues to evolve, the need for knowledgeable and proficient governance in public bodies and organizations becomes increasingly imperative. Michigan State University Extension’s Governing Essentials Series is an upcoming webinar series designed for local elected and appointed officials looking to sharpen their skills and promote good governance practices. Comprising three insightful sessions, the series aims to cultivate a basic understanding of transparent, efficient, and impactful governance practices.

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Session 1: Navigating the Michigan Open Meetings Act (OMA)

The foundation of transparent governance lies in the Michigan Open Meetings Act (OMA). This session will focus on the requirements of OMA, which mandate elected and appointed boards to conduct meetings transparently and openly. Participants will also explore frequently asked questions.

Session 2: Mastering Parliamentary Procedure with Roberts’ Rules of Order

An adept understanding of parliamentary procedure is fundamental for productive meetings. Session two will spotlight the principles of Roberts’ Rules of Order, the widely recognized parliamentary authority. Focusing on motions, debate, and decorum during meetings, participants will engage in scenario-based learning and hands-on practice to hone their skills in effective decision-making and facilitation.

Session 3: The Components of Extraordinary Governance

The Components of Extraordinary Governance draws on best practices for board governance. This session emphasizes the practical application of these components to drive impactful change within communities. By fostering better governance, organizations become more efficient, ultimately contributing to the enhancement of our communities.

The webinars cost $20 per session and can be taken individually or as a 3-part series for $50. In order to receive the series discount, participants must register for either the Spring, Summer, or Winter series. Register for the sessions:

Spring Series

Summer Series

Winter Series

  • December 5
  • December 12
  • December 19

The MSU Extension Governing Essentials Series aspires to empower participants with actionable insights and practical knowledge. By attending these sessions, individuals involved in governance will acquire the tools needed to navigate complexities, foster transparency, and effect positive change.

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