Setting Out of Office Replies in Outlook

Instructions for how to update and turn on an out of office reply using Outlook for Windows.

  1. Select File.
  2. Select Automatic Replies.

  3. Select the Radio Button for Send Automatic Replies.
  4. Select the Checkbox for the Date Range.
  5. Use the Date/Time Drop-Down Menus to set the range of dates you will be out of the office.
    NOTE: Setting the date range will allow Outlook to automatically turn the Out of Office Reply on and off so you can set it before you leave.

  6. Enter and Format the message in the Inside My Organization text box.
    NOTE: This will send the Out of Office replies to anyone with an ANR mailbox.

  7. Select the Outside My Organization Tab and enter an additional message to anyone\who sends you an email from a mailbox outside of ANR.
    NOTE: You can copy and paste the message you created for inside the organization or create a different one depending on your needs.

  8. Select OK.

  9. Select the Back Arrow to return to your Outlook mailbox.

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