Start a new tradition this holiday season

Starting a new tradition is a great way to reflect and remember that family is the most important gift this holiday season. This article will explore ways to start a family tradition.

Between baking the turkey and driving to the nearest shopping mall, it is easy to forget the holiday season is meant to bring families together to give thanks and celebrate life. This message should not be forgotten, but passed on from one generation to another. One way to pass the message along is to start a family tradition this holiday season that you enjoy together with your family.

A tradition could be as small as making and frosting cookies, or as big as organizing a meal for the homeless or families in need in your area. The important part is making sure everyone is involved with the tradition and that everyone has an input or voice in what happens.

Younger children might have a harder time coming up with ideas for a tradition on their own. If you have younger kids in your family, consider giving the kids some options of traditions they might want to start. If you have older children, you could ask them what things they would like to do around the holiday season that are family-orientated. Make sure there is total engagement and small electronic devices are not causing distractions.

Overall, a tradition could be whatever your family wants it to be but it will be remembered more if it is done each year around the same time. Here are some family tradition ideas that might get you started:

  • Picking and cutting down your real Christmas tree.
  • Adopting a needy family and purchasing gifts.
  • Building a snowman/fort.
  • Playing board games.
  • Attending a religious service.
  • Making wreaths and/or blankets for gravesites.

This holiday season, start a family tradition that brings together your family and shares love with everyone. To learn more about family bonding and parenting, visit your local Michigan State University Extension office.

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