Take a Virtual Tour of MSU’s STEM Teaching and Learning Facility

This virtual tour, produced by MassTimber@MSU, provides an opportunity learn about mass timber, how it’s used in the STEM Facility, and why it matters.

Opened in July 2021, this building houses state-of-the-art classrooms and laboratories that create a student hub for core “gateway” courses in sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics. In addition, the building features collaboration spaces, a café, and lots of natural light. The 60,000 square foot core of this building is built on the footprint of the former Shaw Lane Power Plant and incorporates many artifacts from that building as a nod two its history. The facility features 120,000 square feet of new construction distributed across two wings that use mass timber materials in combination with steel to form their structural system. This virtual tour, produced by MassTimber@MSU, provides an opportunity learn about mass timber, how it’s used in the STEM Facility, and why it matters. 

Take the Virtual Tour

To learn more, visit MassTimber@MSU and for questions, contact Sandra Lupien, Director, at lupiensa@msu.edu.

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