The many ways to add exercise to your life

No more excuses for not exercising!

Physical activity is necessary for each of us to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Finding the time in our busy schedule is the challenge. We all have busy lives so the first thing we do is eliminate exercise. Exercising for 30 minutes a day is recommended for a healthier and happier life style. Here are a few tips from Michigan State University Extension that may help you to keep active in a variety of ways.

  • Before beginning or changing physical activity it is wise to consult your physician or a physical therapist for specific recommendations, concerns or limitations.
  • Get moving a little earlier each day. By getting up thirty minutes earlier each day you can have your exercise complete before your day has really begun. This time also allows for you to plan your day and to enjoy the solitude it might bring.
  • Exercise during commercials while watching television in the evening. It will help you add activity to your day and help you feel like the commercials are going by quicker.
  • When mowing the lawn try using a push mower instead of the riding mower. You may not get done as fast but you can be proud of the distance you have walked.
  • Enjoy time with your family by involving everyone on a walk or playing a sport together in the evening. Another family event could be to walk the dog, as they are part of the family and it’s a good way to include everyone.
  • Exercise just 10 minutes at a time, three times each day. That will give you the minimal amount of exercise that is recommended for a healthy lifestyle.
  • If joint pain is an issue, consider swimming, water aerobics or exercises that allow for wall or chair support (example: leg lifts, arm circles, ankle rolls, squats).
  • The buddy system is a great way to build in consistency and accountability. A friend, spouse, family member or neighbor may love to join you in your efforts.

Think positive about exercise, the benefits are tremendous! Daily physical activity will likely increase energy, balance and strength, plus reduce stress and elevate mood, all while positively impacting others!

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