Think Environmentally, Plant Responsibly: Three new videos

Three new videos highlight how gardeners and landscapers can protect and foster the environment through their landscapes.

According to Michigan State University Extension, gardeners and landscapers should consider many factors when purchasing plants and designing their landscapes, including: aesthetics, plant requirements, environmental impact and invasiveness. Nursery growers and garden center retailers should also consider these factors when recommending plants to their customers.

Dr. Robert Schutzki of MSU’s Department of Horticulture has released three new videos as a part of the Think Environmentally + Plant Responsibly Project. These three videos cover key concepts for smart gardening and how plant choice and their maintenance are critical to preserving the natural ecosystem dynamics of Michigan.

Three new videos

Right Plant. Right Place.

  • Gardeners will learn the aspects to consider when selecting plants for their landscape such as function, aesthetics, site adaptability, maintenance and behavior. Viewers will also learn how to minimize plant invasiveness. (10 minutes)

Responsible Plant Maintenance

  • Gardeners will learn aspects of responsible plant maintenance such as pruning and proper disposal of plant waste to avoid problems later on. (6 minutes)

What Should We Know About Invasiveness?

  • Gardeners will learn the differences between weedy plants and invasive plants. Consumers will learn about the factors that distinguish these two categories of plants such as: invasiveness, harm, how plants move, weediness and naturalization. (9 minutes)

Visit MSU Extension’s Lawn and Garden Resources page and Nursery and Christmas Tree Resources page for more information.

The project was funded through the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Horticulture Fund and also by the Michigan Invasive Plant Council. 

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