Utilize fruits and vegetables for hydration

Hydration is important all year long try increasing fruit and vegetable consumption to increase water intake.

During the summer months, you might have been cautioned about how heat can be dangerous if you are not taking the proper steps to stay hydrated. Now that cooler temperatures are here, it is still important to keep hydration in mind. While water provides most of our hydration, it can also be found in other sources such as the food we consume. This becomes especially important when we are taking part in sports, physical activities, or simply trying to increase one’s water intake. Our body’s need to maintain proper hydration in order to properly perform and not put our health at risk.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) provides information on the water content contained in fruits and vegetables. Consuming these foods can allow the body to absorb the water each food contains and add to our daily water intake. Some of the highest water containing produce includes:


When looking to food as a source of hydration, it’s important to ensure proper handling of all produce. This includes:

  • Washing thoroughly under tepid running water
  • Keeping refrigerated after cutting up
  • Keeping it cool if you are bringing it for travel or a snack
  • Avoiding cross contamination with raw meat
  • Clean containers before and after using to store food

Michigan State University Extension recommends utilizing safe food practices when handling raw produce. By following these simple guidelines, it is possible to offer a variety of ways to hydrate and avoid highly sweetened beverages. In addition to offering a variety of fruits and vegetables, as a potential hydration source, dietary requirements may be met as well.

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