Internal Review Process


Internal Review - Overview

As an academic institution, the public relies on us for high-quality, evidence-based educational materials. Our articles must be accurate, up-to-date, appropriately attributing evidence-based sources, and contextually appropriate for Michigan communities. Our internal review process helps us ensure these quality standards.

In addition, internal review improves readability, so educational materials are written in a way that allows the public to digest the information and incorporate it in their own families, farms, businesses and communities.

Internal Review - Process for CYI

CYI uses the following checklist for internal review.


Internal Review - Process for AABI, CFEI,  HNI

Internal Review

As of March 2024, the internal review process has been simplified to use only one internal review form. The steps are below and represented in the above graphic.

  1. Author completes header and, if it is an MSUE article, the appropriate questions on page. 1.
  2. Author completes questions on page 2.
  3. Author sends form and written work to reviewer(s).
  4. Reviewers fill out all parts of form then returns form/written work to author.
  5. Author makes changes and completes “Comments” section.
  6. Author submits article to for final edits and publishing online.*

*HNI staff should also copy their institute leadership (ID and AID) on this email to, and attach both the final draft and the draft from the reviewer with track changes.