These resources can assist you in continuing your multicultural learning journey:

Michigan Related Research and Reports

Persistent Disparities: The Impact of Race and Class on Young Children - and What Michigan Can Do About It - The goal of this brief paper is to present the unmistakable picture of how race and class impact children of color and their families, and to bring to light actions that need to be taken to assure that the Great Start system in Michigan addresses disparities and brings to the decision-making table people who represent the diversity of the state’s population.

Struggles and Triumphs of People of Color in Michigan - Based on a racialized state history, this report produced by the Kellogg Foundation as part of their America Healing initiative, highlights common issues and barriers that people of color face today in Michigan. 

Racial Equity Resource Guide - This resource has been prepared as a shared tool by the Kellogg Foundation, for building a community of connected, informed and engaged practitioners.  It provides practical resources that will those in community-based organizations engaged in the fields of healing, equity and inclusion, diversity and the elimination of structural racism.

MSU Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Resources

Both the MSU College of Agriculture and Natural Resources and Michigan State University, have developed definitions of the terms diversity, equity and inclusion in addition to providing direction on how these important terms can help inform all aspects of our work. 

Resources related to the MSU College of Agriculture and Natural DEI definitions.  

Resources related to Michigan State University DEI definitions. 

Reviewing & Updating Personal Demographics in MSU HR Systems

MSU Extension Guide for Inclusion of Individuals of All Gender Identities, Gender Expressions, Sexual Orientations and Sexes

General Resources

Authentic Relationship Qualities - What does it take to develop and maintain authentic relationships across differences?  This article explores qualities of authentic relationships across race, gender and other differences.

MSU Extension Questions of Multiculturalism: A Guide for Applying New Learnings - A series of diversity-related guiding questions related to employment, advisory board make-up, office environment, advertising/marketing, staff development, etc

Multicultural Resource Guides

The Multicultural Resource Guides provide you with a ready reference on books, articles, DVD's and children's books related to race, gender, class, sexual orientation, disabilities and other differences.  Each guide has a different selection of resources for you to familiarize yourself with.