Hiring Procedures/Forms

Information for All Employee Types:

Electronic I-9 information


Academic/Non-Academic (Off-Campus) Employment




Temporary, On-Call and Student (TOCS) Employment

The following policies, procedures and forms are specifically designed to aid in hiring temporary, on-call or student personnel.

Please Note: Beginning November 2020, MSU will require temporary and on-call support staff jobs to be posted publicly, and postings will be processed through the PageUp applicant tracking system. This will simplify the hiring process, ensure a more diverse applicant pool, and help units monitor an employee’s concurrent employment and on-call hours.

Training resources will be available in 2020 to assist supervisors/hiring managers in using the PageUp applicant tracking system for temporary and on-call job postings.

Employing On-Call Minors (employing individuals under the age of 18)

  • Employees under the age of 18 will need a signed work permit (obtained from their school) before they can begin working.

*For specific instructions on employing on-call minors, please refer to the Employment Guide in the Temporary, On-Call and Student employment section above.