Volunteer Selection Process -- VSP

Introduction to the Volunteer Selection Process

Most people who choose to work with children and vulnerable adults are caring, responsible individuals who have the needs and best interests of those they serve in mind at all times. They are members of caring communities and are committed to helping young people on their journey to competent and contributing adulthood, and to helping those with disabilities to achieve their full potential.

Michigan State University Extension strives to respond to the needs of program participants by providing experiences led by volunteers. MSU Extension must make sure that the process of selecting individuals to serve as volunteers adequately identifies, selects, trains and supports those interested in volunteer leadership. As Extension workers and volunteers, we strive to do all we can to ensure that individuals who come to our programs are treated with respect and dignity, and are provided with safe, caring environments in which to learn and have fun.

Whether we are staff members or volunteers, teens or adults, all of us who work closely with young people and vulnerable adults have the potential to have profound impacts on the well-being of others. In addition to providing safe and appropriate environments, we must also be positive role models — focusing on how we communicate with others, our methods of problem solving and discipline, and how sensitive we are to the individual needs of all program participants.

The responsibility for the well-being of children and vulnerable adults lies with every one of us. The purpose of this document is to outline a process that carefully selects and matches appropriate individuals with MSU Extension efforts to best meet the needs of everyone involved.

Volunteer Selection Process

VSP Manual

Frequently used VSP forms and applications (PDF)
Form 1  "Prospective MSU Extension Volunteer Staff Action Form"
Form 2  "MSU Extension Volunteer Application Form"
Form 3  "MSU Extension Criminal History Check Permission Form"
Form 4   "MSU Extension Volunteer Telephone Reference Form"
Form 5   "MSU Extension Volunteer Mail Reference Form"
Form 6   "MSU Extension Volunteer Applicant Certifed Through Other Agencies Form"
Form 7   "Interview Report of MSU Extension Volunteer Applicant Form"
Form 8   "MSU Extension Staff and Volunteer Agreement and Code of Conduct Form"
Form 9   "MSU Extension Michigan Sex Offender Registry Check Completion Form"
Form 10  "MSU Extension County/Unit Volunteer Selection Process Audit Form"

Set of Forms in MS WORD

ICHAT Process
MSU Extension ICHAT FAQs and Process for 4-H Supervising Educators
MSU Extension ICHAT FAQs and Process for 4-H Program Coordinators
MSU Extension ICHAT FAQs and Process for Other Units

MSU Extension Volunteer Code of Conduct
MSU Firearms Policy

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