Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Waiver or Reduction Requests

F&A waiver or reduction requests should demonstrate:

  • Rationale for the request
  • How the project will lead to future funding opportunities with full F&A
  • How the project will advance a unit research priority
  • Other supporting information as appropriate


To apply for an F&A waiver or reduction, individuals must complete and submit an online form by using the link below. 

Upon submission of the form, the request will be reviewed by the applicable department Chair/Director, CANR AgBioResearch - Office of Research Support, AgBioResearch Associate Director, and ORI for final review and approval.

The requests are processed as quickly as possible, but to assure timely approval, it is recommended that you apply six (6) weeks before the proposal deadline.

Questions should be directed to an ORS Research Administrator at abr.ors@msu.edu, (517) 355-0123 or Dr. Dana Infante at infanted@msu.edu.

Initiate a waiver reduction request