Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Waiver or Reduction Requests


A letter requesting an F&A waiver or reduction should be signed by the unit chair or director and addressed to the Senior Vice President for Research and Innovation (SVPRI). The written request should be attached in an email and submitted to the CANR Office of Research Support at abr.ors@msu.edu and Dr. George Smith, Associate Dean for Research at smithge7@msu.edu. The request must be made at least 7 working days before proposal submission deadline. Requests should include the following:

  1. A written copy of the Facilities & Administrative Cost or overhead policy of the granting organization.
  2. A description of how the project will advance a unit research priority.
  3. A description of how the project will leverage future funding opportunities, especially programs that provide F&A.
  4. The proposal development number (PD#) associated with this request.
  5. Other supporting information as appropriate.

The Associate Dean for Research will review the request and forward to the Senior Vice President for Research and Innovations’ office if approved at the college level.

Questions should be directed to an ORS Research Administrator at abr.ors@msu.edu, (517) 355-0123 or Dr. George Smith at smithge7@msu.edu.

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