Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Our mission at MSU Extension is to take the vast resources and knowledge of the university to help Michiganders do their jobs better, raise healthy and safe families, build their communities and empower our children to dream of a successful future.

Everyone belongs here, from staff to program participants. That’s why MSU Extension is committed to fostering a welcoming and inclusive organization that recognizes and celebrates every one of us. Regardless of title or position within the organization, diversity, equity and inclusion are central to our work, and this requires all staff to contribute towards a vision for success.

Platinum DEI Badge AwardCANR_DEI_badge-platinum-2019-20 (1)

MSU Extension is honored to have been recognized with the Platinum DEI badge from the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, which recognizes the work we’ve done in the space of diversity, equity and inclusion in the 2019-2020 academic year. This award recognizes our commitment to making MSU Extension a welcoming place for all, and the breadth of efforts we have undertaken in pursuit of this goal. Read more about the DEI Badge project here.

Our Dedication Statements

All staff at MSU Extension are dedicated to the following:

▪ We work together to ensure that programming is delivered to diverse audiences, produces equitable impacts for all participants, and demonstrates partnership and inclusion for all groups.

▪ We embrace that it is everyone’s job to create a culture that promotes diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.

▪ We ensure that every team member is prepared with the skills and resources to contribute to our welcoming and inclusive culture.

▪ We foster inclusion by recognizing and valuing diverse perspectives, skills, experiences, and work to create equal access to programming for communities.

▪ We commit to continuous learning for diversity, equity, and cultural competency, in order to achieve inclusive excellence.

▪ We understand that diversity, equity, and inclusion are essential elements to our work and are vital to the organizational culture and programmatic success of MSU Extension.

▪ We embrace a culture of understanding, coaching and feedback towards achieving a vision of success for the entire organization and its staff.

▪ Together we will achieve success and we commit to these goals in our work, continued education, and ongoing efforts.

Our Commitment to Inclusion

MSU Extension and MSU's College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR) is committed to a culturally inclusive, safe and supportive environment that is free from any and all forms of discrimination, bias, stereotyping, harassment and assault. (See more in the CANR DEI Statement.)

The Culturally Inclusive College (CIC) Sharing System was developed by the CANR DEI Committee to allow CANR to track and respond to behaviors and situations that work in favor or against our goals of a safe and supportive environment. ​

Learn more and submit a report on the CIC Sharing System page.

For More Information

To learn more about MSU Extension’s, AgBioResearch’s and the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources’ overarching efforts toward a more diverse, equitable and inclusive world for all, please visit canr.msu.edu/diversity.

To learn more about MSU Extension's diversity, equity, and inclusion resources and professional development opportunities, visit the Organizational Development Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion landing page.