Health & Nutrition



  • Encouraging Healthy Aging by Preventing Falls

    Published on July 20, 2020
    Participants in evidence-based falls prevention programming such as A Matter of Balance and Tai Chi for Arthritis and Falls Prevention increased their knowledge of falls prevention strategies and increased their ratings of their own general health.

  • Supporting Mental Health & Reducing Stress

    Published on July 20, 2020
    As a result of MSU Extension’s social-emotional health programming, children and adults across Michigan learned how to manage anger, reduce stress, practice mindfulness and strengthen their families’ and communities’ understanding.

  • Preventing and managing diabetes and chronic health conditions

    Published on July 20, 2020
    As a result of MSU Extension’s chronic health and diabetes prevention and management programming, adults across Michigan took better control over their chronic conditions.

  • Combating the Opioid Crisis through Outreach and Education

    Published on July 20, 2020
    Over 130 people die every day from opioid overdose in the United States, and nearly 3 in 4 of Michigan’s overdose deaths are attributable to opioids.