Hiring Packaging Graduates

Our graduates enjoy an excellent reputation and are found throughout the United States and internationally in every major industry, including:

  • Food
  • Drug/Pharmaceutical/Medical devices
  • Automotive/Electronics/Aerospace
  • Cosmetics/Personal care
  • Consumer
  • Chemical
  • Industrial
  • Agriculture
  • Packaging products: manufacturers, converters, and distributers


Each year, approximately 125 students receive bachelor’s degrees. About 15 complete the master’s program and 5 complete the Ph.D. program.

Bachelor of Science graduates are generalists in packaging with knowledge in a broad range of materials, processes and design considerations with engineering skills applicable to a wide variety of industries.

Average starting salaries for undergraduates is $57,500 ranging from $40,000 to $72,000.

Master of Science graduates are specialists with strong analytic and technical skills. They too, have a broad background in packaging but, with the addition of graduate level research, have developed an expertise and concentration in a specific area of packaging. They are trained scientists with research and often teaching experience. Each graduate student’s background lends itself to a specific job application in a focused industry, corporate or research setting. The Ph.D. graduate has additional depth of knowledge and experience in independent research.

Graduate-level starting salaries are approximately 25 to 30 percent higher than undergraduate salaries.

The high number and quality of graduates and the services offered in recruiting attract employers to the school.