Graduate Degree Information

The School of Packaging offers the following graduate degree options:

Announcement: Michigan State University is in the process of transitioning from GAMS to Slate as a new graduate admissions system to enhance recruitment and admissions processes at MSU. For information and to apply, go to 

To learn more about our Graduate programs, including requirements, please review our 2021/2022 School of Packaging Graduate Handbook.

Application deadline for on campus programs:

The application deadline for Fall semester is:

On campus Master's program - January 15th (prior to the fall semester) and
PhD program October 15th (prior to the fall semester) 

Students who hold a Packaging degree may also apply to the Spring Semester. Students without a packaging degree will only be considered for Fall because collateral courses may need to be taken.

The application deadline for Spring is being determined - currently it is October 1st (prior to the spring semester).

Application deadline for the MS Online program:

Note: applicants who do not hold a Packaging degree will not be considered for the spring semester admission. 

The application deadline for the MS Online program is being determined. Currently, the deadline for any semester is at least two (2)  months prior to the anticipated first semester of enrollment (U.S. citizens) and three (3) months prior for international students.

For a list of current graduate students, please visit the Graduate Student Directory.

For questions regarding a Masters or Doctoral Degree please contact:
Dr. Maria Rubino: Graduate Director and Professor, Email: , Telephone: 517-355-0172 

For questions regarding our application processes please contact:
Susan Barnaby, Graduate Secretary, Email: