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Cesare Varallo

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Subject Matter Expert, Food Laws and Regulations in Latin America

Cesare Varallo is a food lawyer and Partner at Legisbal, in Italy. He specializes in national and international food labelling and food regulatory issues. He is also founded foodlawlatest.com in 2013. In addition to offering labelling compliance services in over 60 countries and food law advice, he regularly advises clients on crisis management, food safety issues and import/export requirements.

Mr. Varallo is a well recognized speaker and he is involved in several scientific activities for private companies, public institutions and universities. He also teaches in the Food Law LL.M. program at the Free International University for Social Studies "Guido Carli" (LUISS), in Rome, and in the I level Master in Food Law and Safety at the University Alma Mater in Bologna.

Mr. Varallo is a guest contributor to the IFLR course Food Laws and Regulations in the European Union.