Florencia Colella

Florencia Colella

Cellphone: 231-224-6439

Newaygo County Extension Office

Farm Business Management Educator

Telephone: 231-928-1052

Area of Expertise:

Farm Management Educator

Florencia Colella is a Farm Business Management Educator with Michigan State University Extension. Born and raised in Argentina to an Italian family of farmers, butchers, accountants, and small business owners, she is also a proud MSU alumna. She holds a BS in agronomy and a MS in ag, food and resource economics, and has worked with universities, government organizations and private companies in the past. She is a project manager, teacher, and facilitator. Her goal is to help agribusinesses and policy makers make informed decisions through the collection, management and dissemination of trustworthy, localized data and information. Her main areas of focus are recordkeeping, tax planning, business analysis, impact evaluation, development, food chains, marketing, information technologies applied to management, and creativity and leadership in agri-businesses, including the role of minorities in farm ownership and operation. Schedule a time to meet with her, either in person or via phone or video call, by going to http://bit.ly/saveatime.