Cedric Gondro

Cedric Gondro

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Department of Animal Science



GradDipCompSci, UFPR
PhD, University of New England, Australia


My research activities/interests can be grouped into three broad themes:

  • Evolutionary Computation and Artificial Life for optimization of biological problems
  • Computational methods and statistical analysis of high-throughput genomic data
  • Evolution, diversity and population genetics

My main research interests are in the development of computational methods for optimization of biological problems; statistical and functional analysis methods for high throughput genomic data (microarrays, SNPs, sequence); estimation of population genetics parameters using genome-wide data; and simulation of biological systems. I am currently involved in a wide range of projects. These include:

  • Estimation of recombination rates and functional mapping of hot/coldspots in sheep
  • Use of functional knowledge in genomic selection
  • Functional integration of GWAS and gene expression data
  • Cross-platform comparison and integration of microarrays
  • Epistasis modelling using evolutionary computation
  • Development of methods to estimate breed composition using SNP data
  • Identification of signatures of selection in Hanwoo, Angus and Brahman cattle
  • Identification of biomarkers for residual feed intake
  • Quality control and development of a pipeline for SNP chip data
  • Development of a pipeline for analysis of microarray data
  • Estimation of variability and heritability in gene expression
  • Statistical and functional analysis for various global profiling projects using microarrays and RNAseq