Kenneth E. Corey, PhD

Kenneth E. Corey

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Professor - Emeritus, Urban & Regional Planning
School of Planning, Design and Construction


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Research Interests: Global knowledge economy planning; international comparative approaches to national and urban and regional policy analysis and planning; information and communications technologies – facilitated development; Asia; economic and urban geography.

For over a generation, Dr. Kenneth Corey has been working planning for technology-facilitated advanced services and knowledge-economy factors at the regional and local levels. His focus has been on planning. This has included explicit and continuous concern for planned change, policies and program planning, planning organization and methods of planning that are based on behavioral and social science and spatial-organizational theory and concepts. The venues for Dr. Corey’s planning and policy work and observations have included Southeast Asia, Korea, Sri Lanka, Western Europe and North America. His research and writing have been characterized by continuing interest for enhancing the reinforcing relationships and inter dependencies between planning practice and planning scholarship.