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Kirk Dolan has joint appointments in Department of Food Science & Human Nutrition (lead), and Department of Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering. His research is on modeling thermal processing of foods (canning, drying, aseptic, etc.), and on inverse problems and parameter estimation. His research group is a leading user of MATLAB with COMSOL for parameter estimation, and has demonstrated new statistical analysis methods for food researchers.  He is the chairman and organizer of the triennial Inverse Problems Symposia at Michigan State University.  His extension work includes organizing and co-teaching the FDA-mandated Better Process Control School for certification, co-teaching an annual HACCP course to industry, and assisting Michigan food entrepreneurs with FDA product registration. 


BE 477 - Food Engineering: Fluids
FSC 420 - Quality Assurance
BE 835 - Modeling Methods in Biosystems Engineering


PhD, Agricultural Engineering, Michigan State University, 1989
MS, Agricultural Engineering, University of California, Davis, 1985
BS, Agricultural Engineering, University of Florida, 1983


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Book chapters

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2018 Inverse Problems Symposium
June 3rd to 5th, 2018 at Michigan State University