Melissa Millerick-May

Melissa Millerick-May

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Assistant Professor of Medicine
MSU Extension



Dr. Millerick-May has over 20 years of practical experience as a toxicologist, industrial hygienist, and epidemiologist in both the automotive industry and now in an academic setting. Her goal is to leverage her expertise as an exposure scientist to conduct field-based research centered on occupational and environmental exposures related to disease development – both human and animal. Her current research is focused on the determination of prior occupational exposures related to the development of cancer, as well as the identification of sentinel event and subsequent environmental/occupational exposures relevant to development of disease in individuals with hypersensitivity pneumonitis. Recently, and amidst concerns over transport of highly pathogenic microorganisms such as enteropathogenic viruses and influenza affecting food animal production, Dr. Millerick-May has been collaborating with colleagues in extension, animal science and veterinary medicine to identify risk factors for disease transmission with an aim to create a paradigm shift toward implementation of source-based control strategies rather than those currently focused at the level of the receiver.