Nan Jia

Nan Jia

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PhD Student
Center for Systems Integration and Sustainability


Nan is a doctoral student in the Center for Systems Integration and Sustainability, under the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, studying under the advisement of Dr. Jianguo "Jack" Liu.

She is also a scholar with the Sustainable Michigan Endowed Project.

Her professional background is in GIS and RS. Nan earned her BS in Geographic Information Science at the Jilin University, and her MS in Geo-Spatial Information at the University of Maryland.

Based on her research experience in agriculture and natural sources, she discovered that the interactions between man and nature are so profound. These effects aroused her interest in research to study on socio-environmental interactions. Her area of interest is integrating multiple disciplines and techniques by using ecology, data analysis, socioeconomics, GIS and RS research methods.

She is involved in Liu's metacoupling project now and hopes to combine the metacoupling framework and multidisciplinary methods to explore complex human-environmental challenges and sustainable development. Nan hopes to study with a like-minded partner and support each other in the future.