Peter Berry Ottaway

Peter Berry Ottaway

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Subject Matter Expert, Food Laws and Regulations in the European Union

Peter Berry Ottaway is a food scientist and technologist with considerable experience in food law. He graduated from the University of London, England in 1963, and was then involved in post-graduate research on an environmental health project sponsored by the World Health Organisation in Zambia. On return to Europe he was employed in food technology research followed by senior technical management positions in two multinational food companies. In 1974 he formed a scientific and technical consultancy specialising in food science, technology, nutrition and food law (Berry Ottaway and Associates Ltd). He is also a director of Mercia Testing Laboratories Ltd, which specialises in microbiological and chemical testing of food, cosmetics and water products. Within the consultancy he specialises in the scientific, technological and legal aspects of dietetic foods, functional foods, food supplements and micronutrients.

Peter Berry Ottaway has been playing an active role in the development of European Community legislation, particularly in the area of dietetics and nutrition. He is the author of the book 'Food for Sport' and joint editor of a book 'Nutrition in Sport'. He was editor and part author of a post-graduate text book 'The Technology of Vitamins in Food', which was published in 1992 and is now in libraries in more than 35 countries. In 1995 he was commissioned by the Financial Times to write a Management Report on the Harmonisation of European Food Legislation which was published at the end of that year. He has also written or been joint author or editor of books about food preservatives, food fortification and food safety.

In addition to the books, he is the author of a number of scientific papers on food technology, food science, nutrition and the scientific aspects of food law. He is also a visiting lecturer at both the University of Surrey and Sheffield Hallam University, England.

Course:  Food Regulation in the European Union