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Peter Hoejskov

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Subject Matter Expert, International Food Laws and Regulations

Peter Sousa Hoejskov works as an international food safety technical officer at the World Health Organization (WHO) Representative Office in the South Pacific, Fiji.

Peter previously worked for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) as Technical Officer – Food Safety based in the FAO office in Dhaka, Bangladesh and was responsible for assisting the Bangladesh government in improving food safety, quality and food control with special emphasis on food inspection and enforcement. He was involved in updating and revising the legislative framework for food quality and safety in Bangladesh and for building capacity among food inspectors and food safety managers.

Peter also previously worked as food quality and safety officer at the FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific in Bangkok, Thailand and as International Food Safety Adviser at the WHO Representative Office in the South Pacific, Fiji. In these positions he was responsible for formulating, implementing and monitoring field projects and capacity building activities in the area of food quality and safety in Asia and the Pacific region. He assists countries in the region in strengthening national food control systems, improving market access and protecting the health of consumers by improving food quality and safety. He was involved in strengthening coordination and cooperation in the area of food safety including harmonization of legislative frameworks and requirements.

Prior to joining the UN, Peter was project manager at The Institute for Food Studies & Agroindustrial Development (IFAU) in Denmark where he provided technical advice to food and agro-industrial companies, organizations and governments in the area of food quality and safety including food legislation, market access requirements, certification and consumer trends.

Peter holds an AP degree in International Trade and Marketing from Lyngby Business Academy, Denmark, and a master's in human geography from University of Copenhagen with specialization in international agro-food systems and supply chain management.

Mr. Hoejskove is a contributing subject matter expert to IFLR's course International Food Laws and Regulations.