Russell Freed, Ph.D.

Russell Freed

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Professor, International Agronomy - Current research relates to canola, oats, barley and international development activities.
Department of Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences

(517) 353-0213


BSc. Goshen College
MSc. Michigan State University
PhD Michigan State University, Crop Science

Overview of current program:

Dr. Russ Freed, plant breeder and administrator, has been involved in international development and breeding for over 40 years, working 8 years for IRRI, living in Sri Lanka, Indonesia and the Philippines (1972-80) before coming to MSU in 1980.  In addition to his breeding program, Dr. Freed was Deputy Director for the Bean/Cowpea CRSP for 10 years, Acting Associate Dean and Director of the Institute of International Agriculture for 2.5 years, 2 year sabbatical with the World Bank, Acting Director of Partnership for Food Industry Development – Fruits and Vegetables (2 years) and Associate Chair of the Crop and Soil Sciences Department.  Dr. Freed has developed and/or reviewed international development projects for USAID, Ford Foundation, the World Bank and consulting firms.  He developed an agricultural research software program, MSTAT, which he sold to researchers in over 120 countries. 

Courses taught:  

  • CSS 294 –International agriculture seminar;
  • CSS 441 – Plant Breeding and biotechnology;
  • CSS 880 – Scientific Communication and Professional Development;
  • HRT 892 – Plant Breeding Seminar.



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