Michigan Care Improvement Registry

The goal for the Registry is to improve the overall health of the citizens of Michigan by insuring widespread utilization of immunizations to target vaccine preventable illnesses.

MCIR is a nationally-recognized electronic statewide immunization registry that is accessible to both private and public providers.

Public Act 91 of 2006 expanded MCIR to extend immunization records into adulthood.  Providers are highly encouraged to report adult immunizations to MCIR.  Providers are still required to report childhood immunizations to MCIR within 72 hours of administration

MCIR saves time, money and eliminates missed vaccination opportunities. Features include:

  • Secure access via the web
  • Provides immediate patient immunization history and what’s due
  • Recommends future dose dates
  • Sends reminder and recall notices for due or overdue immunizations
  • Provides quick and easy-to-print official immunization records for childcare and school requirements

Busy practices have found that MCIR can:

  • Simplify the ever-changing and complex immunization requirements and schedules involving different vaccine manufacturers and combination vaccines
  • Help practices manage vaccine supply
  • Accept electronic immunization information
  • Generate a profile report to determine if it’s necessary to increase immunization levels

Public health related benefits to MCIR include:

  • The all-hazard tracking system for emergency preparedness
  • Links to other existing child health databases such as lead screening
  • The Influenza Vaccine Exchange Network (IVEN)


  • More than 3.8 million persons currently are included in the Michigan Care Improvement Registry (MCIR).
  • More than 48 million doses have been entered by immunization providers.
  • The MCIR web application uses the State of Michigan’s Single Sign On web application portal for security and access.
  • 89 percent of children age 6 or younger have 2 or more doses recorded in the MCIR. The national average for registries is 49 percent.
  • May 2006 MCIR User totals:
    • Number of daily users (logins by different User IDs): 1,900-2,500
    • Number of monthly users (logins by different User IDs): 7,900
    • Total daily logins by the same or different users: 4,600-6,600
    • Total monthly logins by the same or different users: 133,000
    • Total registered “persons”: 19,056
  • 45 (100 percent) of local health departments and 80 percent of 2500 registered private provider sites reported immunization data to the MCIR in 2004.
  • Profile Reports are being used by providers to assess the immunization levels of their patients, so they can take steps to increase the immunization levels at their clinic.
  • Local health departments have the ability to do population-based immunization level assessments and target their outreach efforts to areas where the need is greatest.

For more information, please contact your MCIR Regional Office.