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  1. Adult immunizations (19+ years)
  2. Family practice immunizations (lifespan)
  3. Health care personnel recommendations
  4. Influenza immunizations
  5. OBGYN immunizations
  6. Pediatric immunizations (birth - 18 years)
  7. HPV immunizations
  8. Building confidence with vaccine-hesitant patients

The PPEPI program relies on expert physician trainers to complete each of the lectures. These trainers are a very dedicated group of individuals who strive for improved immunization rates throughout Michigan.

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For the latest provider information on Michigan immunizations, please visit the following site:

If you are a parent looking for immunization information, contact your local health department.

For more information, please contact:

Connie DeMars
Physician Peer Education Program on Immunization


  • Have you had your flu shot?

    Published on January 23, 2015

    It’s not too late to still get a flu shot. Flu season typically runs from October until February, but influenza can be contracted at any time of the year.

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