The Michigan Garden Plant Tour is a coordinated open house of leading young plant producers and Michigan State University. The Tour educates professional growers and industry professionals about plant selections and their garden performance.

2021 Tour dates: July 26 to August 6

Welcome to the 18th annual Michigan Garden Plant Tour, which is a free, coordinated open house of leading young plant producers of ornamentals and Michigan State University.  The objective of the Tour is to educate growers and industry professionals about new and existing plant selections and how they perform in different outdoor settings.

Greenhouse growers, landscapers, garden center operators, and nurserymen are invited to visit each of these participating Tour sites during this two-week period.

Expect to learn about a wide range of ornamental crops, including popular commercial brands of annuals and perennials. This is a terrific way to observe plant performance at different locations and grown under various landscape conditions, both in the ground and in containers.

This site is currently being updated for the 2021 Tour information.  Some pages may still have 2020 information.

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The Michigan Garden Plant Tour Map

Take a day trip to visit a couple of sites, or complete the entire loop for the full tour.  The Michigan Garden Plant Tour is completely free, but growers would appreciate a call ahead to know you'll be coming.  Use the map above to help locate the sites and plan your route.

Special Events During 2020 Tour

In addition to tours. some Tour sites offer special events, which are highlighted below.  More information is on the site pages.  Many participating companies also offer light refreshments during the entire two-week Tour.

  • August 4 (virtual): The MSU Plant Trial Field Day. This half-day program features presentations from MSU faculty and staff about a range of production topics and garden plant performance. Click here to learn more and register.
  • August 6: 2nd Annual Mast Young Plants Customer Appreciation Day will be held from 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm. This event will include some education sessions, local sales reps in attendance, dinner, and bingo with some exciting prizes for the winners! Mark your calendars as the 1st annual event was a huge success and we plan to make the 2nd annual even more informative and enjoyable.

Contact Information

If you have general questions about the Michigan Garden Plant Tour, please contact the Tour coordinator:

Highlights From Past Tours

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