MPIC Demonstration Storage

The MPIC Potato Demonstration Storage Facility currently consists of two structures. The first building, named after Dr. B. F. Cargill, was constructed in 1999 and contains six, 550 cwt. bulk bins with independent ventilation systems. In this building, we evaluate storage and chip quality data on newly identified chip processing clones to determine their commercial potential.

The Ben Kudwa Building, built in 2008, has three, independently ventilated, 600 cwt. bulk bins. We converted one of these bulk bins into thirty-six, 10 cwt. box bins to generate storage profiles for early generation potato varieties. The box bin is an entry level point into storage profiling that allows the industry to learn about a varieties’ physical and chemical storability before advancing to the bulk bin level.

Our storage profiles consist of bi-weekly sampling of potatoes to obtain; sucrose and glucose levels, and chip color and defect values. In addition, we evaluate each variety for weight loss or shrinkage and pressure bruise.

Our most recent storage report can be found in the back of the Michigan Potato Research Report