Potatoes USA-SNAC Int. Trial

The search for new and improved chipping potato varieties is an ongoing and challenging task. Since 1985, the annual national Potatoes USA – SNAC International (formerly USPB-SFA) Chip Variety Trials have evaluated promising chip processing clones from the various US potato breeding programs.

The goal for the Potatoes USA – SNAC International chip trials is to identify superior new potato lines which are well adapted for their production area and utilization market. The chip industry looks for potato characteristics including high, stable yield, disease and pest resistance, stress tolerance, specific gravity (high dry matter), bright potato chip color, low defect incidence, and long-term cold storage capabilities. For Southern production an earlier variety to replace Atlantic is needed which does not have internal heat necrosis or soft rot problems. Northern production would benefit from advanced selections that offer acceptable chip quality from long-term cold storage temperatures below 50°F and do not have susceptibility to scab and other pathogens.

 Below is an archive of all SNAC variety trial results in Michigan beginning in 2004.