Our Services

MSU Product Center helps Michigan entrepreneurs and businesses to develop and launch new product and service ideas into the food, ag and bioenergy markets. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur or operate a well-established company, the Product Center is your key to the front door of Michigan State University’s vast and varied technical expertise, research and outreach services.

At the Product Center, we facilitate innovation by customizing services to each client. From business planning to market analysis and research, and from scientific support to technical services, we deliver what entrepreneurs need directly or from our statewide network of university, business and governmental partners.

Our team of experts analyzes the level of service each client needs, taking some from concept development to launch and helping others with specialized issues such as packaging, labeling or nutritional analysis.

The Product Center has an extensive network of certified innovation counselors who offer services anywhere in the state of Michigan.

Concept Development

We help you turn your innovative idea into a business or product concept.

  • Assistance in identifying and combining your idea, your entrepreneurial drive and the market opportunity
  • Educational presentations that provide an overview of business and product development and grant opportunities

Business Development

We help you develop your basic business or product plan.

  • Tools for researching and writing a basic business plan
  • Market analyses for specific products or businesses
  • Connections to state and federal agencies as well as private companies
  • Annual conference for entrepreneurs with business development as a focus
  • Connections into distribution channels

Market Research

We provide analytical insights regarding the agri-food value chain in the following areas of concentration:

  • Market analyses of high-value, differentiated and niche products
  • Strategic planning research for industry and commodity partners
  • Real time trade data analysis for Michigan stakeholders in the agricultural production and processing industries
  • Economic impact studies and consumer analysis
  • Market reports on various aspects of the agri-food value chain


We provide an online interactive mapping resource linking agricultural product businesses with markets across Michigan.

  • Linking all parts of the food supply chain – farmers, processors, retailers, consumers, restaurant owners, institutional buyers and others
  • A database for market research to assist entrepreneurs in identifying target markets
  • http://mi.foodmarketmaker.com

Specialized Services

We help you conduct in-depth feasibility and technical studies needed to launch.

  • In-depth feasibility analyses of specific product markets
  • Links with MSU faculty members and industry consultants for: Feasibility studies, Packaging and labeling, Nutritional analyses Feedstock,
  • logistics, Processing assessments, Sensory testing, Other detailed services

Action Team for High Growth

Our team is dedicated to helping larger established companies looking to create new opportunities for long-term sustainability and profitability. The team provides strategic solutions to the following activities:

  • Economic and market analyses
  • Feasibility assessments
  • Product development
  • Resource development
  • Supply chain and marketing issues
  • Strategic planning
  • Regulatory compliance