Agricultural Industries


The Agricultural Industries program is an exciting, innovative, and flexible program that provides students with in-depth agricultural industry and business knowledge to apply to their own operation or to launch a career in the industry.  Agricultural Industries has a long history at Michigan State University and continues to prepare educated, experienced graduates who are often recruited by many agricultural businesses.

Within the program, students are provided the flexibility to study in different areas, with crops & soil sciences and agribusiness management courses making up the bulk of required courses.  Students then have the option to fill elective credits, allowing students to delve deeper into a topic or diversifying their knowledge base; which increases employability and develops a strong background in the field. 



Students can also get involved in a variety of clubs and organizations (over 900 at MSU) including the MSU Agronomy Club, National Agri-Marketing Association, and Brock & Bridle.  Students also can compete in Collegiate Crops Contests around the nation and help with the Michigan FFA Crop Skills Contest. 

Agricultural Industries students attend professional meetings to network with peers and leaders, and to learn more about the industry.  Some of those meetings include: Great Lakes Crops Summit, Michigan Agri-Business Association Winter Conference, Young Farmers Conference, Agronomy Society of America National Meeting, MSU Extension events, and many more.

Campus Experiences

Benefits of being on a Big Ten campus include eligibility to live in residence halls, access to professors and researchers who are among the top in their fields, participating in club and intermural sports, attending Spartan athletic events, watching Broadway shows at the Wharton Center, and visiting several museums on campus.

Students also have the option of getting a part time job while on campus.  Many technicians, researchers, and professors need student help in the farms, greenhouses, and labs.

How to Apply!

  1. Submit your online IAT application!

Are you a current IAT student who would like to transfer programs?

You do not need to submit a new application.  Contact your coordinator or Erin Bosch-Hannah to complete the Program Transfer Form. 

Requirements for Agricultural Industries

  1. All of the following courses (30 to 33 credits):
    • ABM 100 Decision-making in the Agri-Food System - 3 credits
    • ABM 130 Farm Management I - 3 credits
    • AT 045 Agricultural Communications - 2 credits
    • AT 055 Agricultural Finance - 3 credits
    • AT 071 Technical Mathematics - 2 credits
    • AT 291 Selected Topics in Agricultural Technology - 2 credits
    • AT 293 Professional Internship in Agricultural Technology - 3 to 6 credits
    • CSS 101 Introduction to Crop Science - 3 credits
    • CSS 101L Introduction to Crop Science Lab - 1 credit
    • CSS 105 Agricultural Industries Seminar - 1 credit
    • CSS 126 Introduction to Weed Science - 2 credits
    • CSS 226 L Introduction to Weed Science Lab - 1 credit
  2. Choose two of the following courses (4-6 credits):
    • CSS 120 Issues in Food & Agriculture - 3 credits
    • CSS 135 Crop Scouting - 3 credits
    • CSS 151 Seed & Grain Quality - 2 credits
    • CSS 201 Forage Crops - 3 credits
    • CSS 212 Advanced Crop Production - 2 credits
    • CSS 222 - New Horizons in Biotechnology - 2 credits
  3. Choose one of the following (2-3 credits):
    • CSS 143 Introduction to Soil Science - 2 credits
    • CSS 210 Fundamentals of Soil Science - 3 credits
  4. One of the following courses (3 credits):
    • ABM 222 Agribusiness and Food Industry Sales - 3 credits
    • ABM 225 Commodity Marketing I - 3 credits
  5. Complete 12 to 15 elective credits.
  6. Elective topics include:
      • Agronomy
      • Agricultural Engineering
      • Agribusiness Management
      • Animal Science
      • Community Sustainability
      • Entomology
      • Horticulture
      • Fisheries & Wildlife
      • Food Industry Management
      • Food Science
      • Forestry
      • Plant Biology
      • Plant Pathology
      • Technology Systems Management

Academic Advising

For more information or questions regarding applying for the program, course requirements, substituting or waiving required courses, independent study courses, and planning your semester schedule of courses, contact the Agricultural Industries academic advisor:

Erin Bosch-Hannah
Department of Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences
Plant and Soil Sciences Building
1066 Bogue Street, Room A162
East Lansing, Michigan 48824-1325
phone: (517) 353-0160

Or complete the form found here.

More information on the required internship.