Bulletin E431
2021 Michigan Corn Variety Trial


November 19, 2021 <msingh@msu.edu>

Hybrids are entered into zones based upon growing degree days and then grouped into Early and Late trials based upon relative maturities. There are 4 zones which grain hybrids may be placed into: Zone 1 – southern; Zone 2 – south central; Zone 3 – north central; Zone 4 – northern. There are 3 zones which silage hybrids may be placed into: Zone 1 – southern; Zone 2/3 – central; Zone 4 – northern. Within each zone, the hybrid is placed into a trial at 3 different locations: eastern, central, and western. In 2022, a total of 204 hybrids from 15 brand names were entered into the Michigan Corn Performance Trials. These hybrids make up the 230 grain and/or silage entries, which translates into 2,760 separate plots planted across Michigan in 2022. The Michigan Corn Hybrids Compared report summarizes the results from these trials.



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