4-H Shooting Sports Inventory Log Template


November 10, 2021 - Laura Quist, Michigan 4-H Shooting Sports

Inventory Control, Maintenance and Reporting

Download this Inventory Log template to track club-owned inventory. Policy is explained below.

4-H council/club-owned inventory should be tracked annually as part of the Annual Financial Summary Report process. You can read details about it in the Financial Manual guides. 

  1. A list of equipment should be maintained by individuals (such as administrative leaders, club officers, Coordinators) in charge of equipment for the shooting sports program. Inventory Logs should include item, make, model, and serial number. 
  2. Club-owned equipment should also be clearly labeled with the name of the club/council (for example, write or burn "Property of Sharp Shooters 4-H Club" onto the stock of the firearm).
  3. The Inventory Log should be updated each time equipment is acquired or disposed of and audited annually at the end of the club year (or more often if requested) as part of the Annual Financial Summary Report as required by Michigan 4-H.

Only certified, current instructors may sign out program equipment from inventory. Equipment should be returned if the Instructor loses their active gold status in the 4-H Volunteer Selection Process.

Extension staff responsible for the 4-H Shooting Sports program in the county/state shall have access to all program equipment, the inventory list, and sign-out records. Inventory shall be posted inside the gun safe (or other storage area) and be updated if items are moved outside normal storage and club usage areas.

Club files (electronic and paper) shall include records of equipment maintenance and cleaning. Equipment owned by Michigan 4-H shall be inventoried and inspected annually by certified instructors. Any items found needing further care should be taken out of service, noted in files, and taken to a professional gunsmith or archery professional for service.

County Extension staff will review equipment list, storage and transportation safeguards, and discuss any concerns about inventory control when the Annual Financial Summary Report is submitted. Concerns should be shared with the State SS/EOE Coordinator to ensure accuracy and consistency with Michigan 4-H Shooting Sports program standards.

The Transfer of Custody template shall be used each time club equipment is removed from its normal storage location for any purpose (workshop, special event, temporary loan to neighboring county program).


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