Virtual Shooting Sports

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shooting sportsGuidelines for Virtual 4-H Shooting Sports Activities -

For the safety our 4-H members and volunteers, the Michigan 4-H Shooting Sports program follows stringent guidelines and training structures set by both the National and Michigan 4-H programs. During this period of virtual programming, 4-H youth and volunteers are reminded that 4-H Shooting Sports activities that require handling of shooting equipment cannot be performed without the physical,
in-person presence of our certified coaches.
Alternative suggested activities for virtual programming are listed below. See table below or download a handout here.

Without the in-person, physical presence of a certified 4-H Shooting Sports instructor, 4-H members are:

Encouraged to:

Suggested topics:

Not Permitted to:

  • Create a poster, video, or demonstration
  • Host a virtual guest speaker
  • Organize games that test skills or demonstrate knowledge of safety. Skill-a-thon style platforms include:

   KaHoot!             Family Feud
   Jeopardy           Quizziz
   GooseChase  (scavenger hunt)

  • Host a virtual field trip or video viewing party and debrief together (equipment manufacturing plant, wildlife management lands, hunter education videos, Olympian tournament or shooting footage to analyze technique)
  • Static exhibits (construct a quiver; create designer targets, like “battleship” targets, etc.)
  • Meet virtually with your club to plan a community service project, to be held once clubs meet in-person
  • Plan a club event (fun shoot, tournament, recreational gathering) in preparation for a time when a certified instructor is present)
  • Create club brochures or newspaper articles
  • Safety
  • Parts of equipment
  • STEM activities (such as building marshmallow catapults or discuss Archery’s Paradox; see lesson plans on MSU Extension website)
  • Hunter education
  • Risk management
  • Record books
  • Wildlife management
  • Equipment care and cleaning
  • Life skills activities (ask your county 4-H staff person for suggestions)
  • Handle shooting equipment in conjunction with a 4-H sponsored event without the physical presence of a certified instructor.
  • Fire shooting equipment in conjunction with a 4-H sponsored event without the physical presence of a certified instructor. This includes postal/virtual shoots, or posters, videos, or demonstrations involving handling of equipment.
  • Clubs may not loan out equipment.
  • Ready to try these opportunities but want support with technology? Contact Laura Quist or your county 4-H staff person. We can partner you with individuals who are comfortable with technology, so you can focus on shooting sports content. 
  • Have ideas not listed above? Please share ideas with your Laura Quist to help expand these suggestions.


National 4-H Shooting Sports Quiz Bowl!qb

The 1st National Quiz Bowl was held in June 2020 and more are on the way! Use the study guides below to prepare. This is a great way to join shooting sports members from across the country for a free, fun educational experience! Links below cover possible quiz content and may be used as a study guide. 

Clubs are encouraged to meet virtually, to discuss and prepare. Ages 8-19 may enter, as individuals or teams.  Watch here, Facebook, and email for future contest announcements!

 Flyer, Rules & Registration Info 
(from June 2020 event, available as a reference)
Archery Study Guide Hunting Skills Study Guide
Muzzleloading Study Guide Pistol Study Guide Rifle Study Guide
Shotgun Study Guide Western Heritage Study Guide 4-H General Content Study Guide


Record Books 

4-H projects provide youth an opportunity to gain life skills such as record keeping, communication and self-responsibility.  Record books can be used to track educational experiences, critical thinking, safety, career exploration, and demonstrate knowledge, as youth learn skills and explore leadership opportunities. If county does not have record book, here are some examples to consider.

Osceola County Record Book, 7-11 years

Osceola County Record Book, 12-19 years
Oregon State University 4-H Shooting Sports Record The Ohio State University Member Record Books
St. Clair County, Archery Record Book

St. Clair County, Firearms Record Book
Ingham County, Muzzleloader Guide and Participation Form

Ingham County, Shotgun Guide and Participation Form