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Guidelines for Virtual 4-H Shooting Sports Activities


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For the safety of our 4-H members and volunteers, the Michigan 4-H Shooting Sports program follows stringent guidelines and training structures set by both the National and Michigan 4-H programs.  During this period of virtual programming, 4-H youth and volunteers are reminded that 4-H Shooting Sports activities that require handling of shooting equipment cannot be performed without the physical, in-person presence of our certified coaches. Alternative suggested activities for virtual programming are listed below.

Without the in-person presence of a certified 4-H Shooting Sports instructor, 4-H members are:

Encouraged to:

Suggested topics:

Not permitted to:

  • Create a poster, video or demonstration
  • Host a virtual guest speaker
  • Organize games that test skills or demonstrate knowledge of safety. Skill-a-thon style platforms include:
    • KaHoot!   
    • Family Feud
    • Jeopardy  
    • Quizziz
    • BINGO
    • GooseChase (scavenger hunt)
  • Host a virtual field trip or video viewing party and debrief together (equipment manufacturing plant, wildlife management lands, hunter education videos, Olympian tournament or shooting footage to analyze technique)
  • Static exhibits (construct a quiver; design targets, like “battleship” targets, etc.)
  • Meet virtually with your club to plan a community service project to be held once clubs meet in-person
  • Plan a club event (fun shoot, tournament, recreational gathering) in preparation for a time when a certified instructor is present
  • Create club brochures or newspaper articles
  • Safety
  • Parts of equipment
  • STEM activities (such as building marshmallow catapults or discuss Archery’s Paradox; see lesson plans on MSU Extension website)
  • Hunter education
  • Risk management
  • Record books
  • Wildlife management
  • Equipment care and cleaning
  • Life skills activities (ask your county PC for suggestions)
  • Handle shooting equipment in conjunction with a 4-H sponsored event without the physical presence of a certified instructor.
  • Fire shooting equipment in conjunction with a 4-H sponsored event without the physical presence of a certified instructor. This includes postal/virtual shoots, or posters, videos, or demonstrations involving handling of equipment.
  • Clubs may not loan out equipment.

Have ideas not listed? Please share suggestions with your 4-H county program coordinator and Laura Quist.


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Laura Quist

Laura Quist

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