A Comparative Political Economic Analysis of Maize Sector Policies in Eastern and Southern Africa

May 1, 2017 - Author: Nicholas J. Sitko, Jordan Chamberlin, Benedito Cunguara, , Julius Mangisonic

Nicholas J. Sitko, Jordan Chamberlin, Benedito Cunguara, Milu Muyanga, Julius Mangisonic. 2017. A comparative political economic analysis of maize sector policies in eastern and southern Africa. Food Policy, Volume 69, May 2017, Pages 243–255


  • Governments in eastern and southern Africa often play a large role in maize markets.
  • Policies shaped by historically embedded constellations of actors and interest groups.
  • Output market interventions associated with market concentration.
  • Trade interventions are associated with greater volatility in price and price margins.

Tags: c4a, food security group, fsg peer reviewed publications, fsp peer reviewed publications, innovation lab for food security policy, value chain studies


Milu Muyanga

Milu Muyanga

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