Agriculture, Land Access and Economic Growth in Africa: An Instrumental Variable Approach


April 30, 2019 - Author:

Chukwudi Charles Olumba, 2019. Agriculture, Land Access and Economic Growth in Africa: An Instrumental Variable Approach, Food Security Policy, Research Brief 86. East Lansing: Michigan State University.

Key Findings

  • Since the year 2014, Africa has been experiencing declining economic growth.
  • The size of agricultural land area remains almost unchanged in the last decade when compared to the steady rate of agricultural land expansion over the last century.
  • In terms of the gross value of production, Africa recorded the highest production in the year 2013 after which the value declined by about 30% in the year 2016.
  • The study found a statistically significant influence of the agricultural sector in enhancing economic growth in Africa.
  • The study succeeded in providing empirical evidence that the growth in agricultural output which had positive impact on economic growth was due to the expansion of the land area used for agriculture.
  • Domestic credit provided by financial sector and inflation rate play significant role in explaining Africa’s.


Tags: agrifood system transformation, c1-c2, fsg policy brief, fsp policy brief, land, nigeria

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Nigeria, C1-C2


Chukwudi Charles Olumba

Chukwudi Charles Olumba

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