Briefing Note 4: Ranking food system values


August 24, 2020 - <>, <>, and Chelsea Wentworth

After hearing from Flint residents about their visions for the future of the food system (see Briefing Note 2 for more detail), we set out to learn from residents how they prioritized these values. Using the 16 values elicited from visioning workshops with food system stakeholders, 25 Flint residents were interviewed about their priorities for a desirable food system. During these interviews, participants were asked to engage in a sorting activity where they ranked values from most to least important. The qualitative (interview data) and quantitative (value rankings) results from this activity were analyzed allowing us to draw conclusions about how values might group together based on participant responses. The analysis resulted in three distinct groups, representing unique ranking patterns.

Suggested citation

Belisle-Toler, R., Hodbod, J. & Wentworth, C. (2020). Ranking Food System Values. Flint Leverage Points Briefing Note 4. Flint, Michigan: Community Foundation of Greater Flint and Michigan State University.

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