Chestnut Farm Reports

August 10, 2015

The following report provides a qualitative overview of the "Survey of Midwest Chestnut Growers." The survey was administered exclusively to 32 chestnut farmers associated with Chestnut Growers, Inc. (CGI), a cooperative based in southwest Michigan. The report outlines the characteristics of chestnut farmers, their typical production and marketing practices, profitability of the chestnut operations and group members' perceptions of CGI. Important conclusions include that chestnut orchards are currently minimally profitable, however as operation size increases, the potential for achieving healthy profit margin exists (20 percent). Also, CGI has the potential to succeed as a co-op as group members identify strongly with the organization, but their actions do not support their positive perceptions of the organization. The combination of inherent risk factors in chestnut production (frost) and a lack of a consistent supply of quality nuts to the co-op threatens the growth and future profitability potential of CGI.

Download the complete results of the Survey of Midwest Chestnut Growers: A Qualitative Overview

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