Pay Yourself First: Start a Saving Habit

Piggy bank with a hand dropping a coin


This interactive self-guided course using Nearpod will explore: the difference between saving and investing, why save, how and where to save.

This course is designed for youth age 12-19.

The first 100 youth to attend all 10 sessions (live or self-guided lessons) found on our website here are eligible for a $50 savings incentive!

Live Zoom Sessions taking place at 6:15pm:

  • February 24: Do You Have a Plan? Money Goals
  • March 3: Paying for Post-secondary Education
  • March 10: Keep Yourself Out of Debt
  • March 17: Credit Craze: Managing Credit Wisely
  • March 24: Grow Your Money: Investing and Risk 
  • March 31: Budgeting: Understanding Income and Expenses
  • April 7: They Took What? Your First Paycheck and Taxes
  • April 14: Avoiding Money Mishaps: Tips to Avoid Fraud
  • April 21:  Pay Yourself First: Start a Saving Habit
  • April 28:  Banking Basics

This program is made possible by a grant from the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

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