Competency C3. Develop and manage plant growth, media, and nutritional requirements.
Competency D1. Analyze and explain the connections within sustainable AFNR systems.
Competency D3. Evaluate and develop solutions for AFNR impacts.


Compost can serve as a fertilizer for different soil media. The different types of composting could be cold, gathering your materials and putting it in a bin to wait for things to decompose over time. Hot composting uses nitrogen, carbon, air, water and a closed container to speed up the decomposition process. Vermicomposting (worm composting) uses worms to eat some of the food waste, and their waste, which is rich in nitrogen, helps to continue to break down the waste into rich organic matter.


Teaching Methods

Brainstorming, Lecture Discussion, Paired or Small Group Discussion, Demonstration, Field Trip, Resource People, Experiment, Supervised Study



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