County 4-H Fund-Raising Report Form


March 2, 2020 - Author:

All 4-H fund-raising activities must be reviewed and approved by the county 4-H program coordinator, before the activity can be held. To begin the review and approval process, the treasurer or the 4-H leader must complete the County 4-H Fund-Raiser Application.  In addition, the treasurer or the 4-H leader must also submit the County 4-H Fund-Raising Report Form (link to page once uploaded) within 10 business days after the end of the fundraising event.

For additional information about 4-H fundraising, view the Financial Manual for 4-H Treasurers: Managing Money Wisely or the Financial Manual for 4-H Volunteers: Leading the Way to Financial Accountability.

*Note: In order to use all features of the fillable form, please download the file and then open it with the Adobe program on your computer. Using the web version (within your browser) will restrict some of the capabilities of the form.


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