COVID-19’s Disruption of India’s Transformed Food Supply Chains

May 2, 2020 - Author: Thomas Reardon, Ashok Mishra, Chandra S R Nuthalapati, Marc F Bellemare, David Zilberman

Reardon, T., A. Mishra, CSR Nuthalapati, MF Bellemare, D. Zilberman. “COVID-19s Disruption of India’s Transformed Food Supply Chains". Economic & Political Weekly. (Commentary) 55(18), May 2: 18-22.


COVID-19 has created high transaction costs and uncertainty in India’s transformed food supply chains, putting food security at risk as 92% of food consumption in India is purchased, predominantly from the private sector. Government faces the challenge of marshalling resources between mitigating the impending food crisis and containing the contagion as the risk of sociopolitical tensions looms large. It is recommended that the government concentrate on sustaining the food supply chains towards eventual rebound, recognising that government food distribution cannot replace even a tenth of the market.

Tags: c1-c2, food security group, fsg peer reviewed publications, fsp peer reviewed publications, india, innovation lab for food security policy

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