Developing future leaders


October 23, 2016 - Author: Molly J. Good; William W. Taylor; John Robertson; William Demmer; Jordan Burroughs

Journal or Book Title: Fisheries

Volume/Issue: 10

Page Number(s): 566-568; 612

Year Published: 2016

Just like everything else that changes and evolves over time, so do your skills and identity as a leader. Developing or improving your leadership capabilities is an ongoing process that not only takes time, effort, determination, and passion, but also requires the presence of mentors and opportunities to practice your skills. The authors of this article are all in varying stages of their own development as leaders. William W. Taylor and John Robertson, for example, have proven their abilities as leaders in fisheries and aquatic ecosystem resource sustainability by their successes and failures (that they have generally learned from!). Similarly, William Demmer has exhibited his extensive leadership through strategic business management and wildlife conservation stewardship. Jordan Burroughs, a mid-career professional who has participated in and helped develop many partner-based natural resource leadership initiatives, has showcased her leadership abilities through effective outreach projects and community engagement. And Molly J. Good, a doctoral student, though still very much developing her leadership skills and abilities, has gained leadership opportunities through teaching, facilitative roles in civic organizations, and other aspects of her graduate career opportunities. As such, we will discuss the importance of leadership development and action in the context of fisheries and aquatic ecosystem management and decision-making. We also hope to highlight some experiences and opportunities you might wish to engage in to improve your own leadership skills and ability to effectively follow other leaders. After all, a good leader knows when to follow as well as when to lead!

DOI: 10.1080/03632415.2016.1229971

Type of Publication: Journal Article

Publisher: AFS Press



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